Thursday, June 29, 2017

Emerging Guidance For Elegant Strategies For Page One

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From the video of a white teacher at a New Orleans high school in a heated discussion with a black student You Are Here: Home » National » Black Student Confronts Teacher Who Insists He Can Use Racial Slur Black Student Confronts Teacher Who Insists He Can Use Racial Slur Posted date: May 18, 2017 In: National | comment : 0 From the video of a white teacher at a New Orleans high school in a heated discussion with a black student A white teacher at a New Orleans high school is under fire after telling his students it was OK for him to say the word “n****r.” The incident, which happened at Benjamin Franklin High School, has since gone viral after a video of his heated discussion with a black student was posted on Twitter. The 2:20 clip shows the teacher, who has only been identified as Coach Ryan, in the middle of an argument with the student. “That’s racist as sh*t,” the student said. “Why can you not understand that it’s racist for a white man to say ‘n****r’ to a black man? It’s f**king racist.” The teacher then said that “n****r” is “a commoditized word” that no longer has its original meaning after being used so many times. “It’s used by black people,” the student said. “It’s used by everyone,” the teacher countered, causing the student to shout back, “No! No! You use it! Don’t say everyone.” The teacher suggested the word can now be said without a negative connotation, and tried to justify his views by mentioning its use in rap songs.

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